ADCO affiliate, Great Universal, continues to creatively serve
the ever changing global market

Great Universal Development Company

ADCO Founder, Alvin Dworman, created a private company in 1961, Great Universal Development Company, in partnership with Sir Isaac Wolfson, Owner and Founder of Great Universal Stores (then the seventh largest company in Great Britain), and Albert List, international financier. Mr. Dworman served as President and CEO of the new venture, established with $10 million in sub debt and $100 million in lines of credit, to provide financial services for Mr. Dworman's U.S. real estate assets as well as those he held jointly with Sir Isaac and Mr. List. In 1969, Mr. Dworman purchased Mr. List's 25% interest in Great Universal and remained an equal partner with Sir Isaac until 1976 when Mr. Dworman acquired his interest.


Since Great Universal's inception much has changed in the merchant banking industry. Ahead of and leading the curve, Great Universal (currently known as Great Universal Capital Corp.) has evolved right along with it, making the company an invaluable mainstay in the ADCO arsenal of business solutions.